Tic Tac Big Pack Fresh Mint 1oz x12CT

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  • Refreshing Flavor: Indulge in the classic taste of fresh mint that only Tic Tac can deliver.

  • Large Size, Extended Enjoyment: The 1oz big pack ensures you have your favorite Tic Tacs for an extended period, perfect for on-the-go freshness.

  • Convenient Packaging: Compact and easy to carry design fits in pockets, purses, and bags, ensuring fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

  • Ideal for Sharing: Generous size makes it perfect for sharing with friends or family, spreading the refreshing experience.

  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Tic Tac's signature mint flavor provides long-lasting freshness with every delightful piece.

  • Portable Snacking: Handy size for snacking on the go, keeping your breath fresh and your taste buds satisfied.

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