Smart Pet Bowl Slow Feeder, and Non-Slip Design, Bonus Water Bottle Feeder - No More Spills!

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Color: Blue
Size: 9 oz
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Discover the convenience and elegance of our Smart Pet Bowl, designed to provide your furry friends with impeccable hydration without spills. With an innovative filtering system and non-slip construction, this bowl ensures clean water and a tidy environment at all times. Simplify your pet's daily routine with this modern accessory!

  • Sophisticated Anti-Spill Design: Forget about annoying spills. Our smart bowl features a raised edge construction and non-slip base to prevent any accidental spills, keeping your floors clean and organized.
  • Controlled Drinking Experience: The specially designed floating plate inside the bowl helps regulate your pet's drinking speed, preventing them from drinking too fast and getting their fur wet.
  • Premium Quality Materials: Crafted with high-quality and pet-safe materials, our smart bowl is durable and easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.
  • Stability and Resilience: The non-slip base keeps the bowl firmly in place, preventing your pet from moving it while drinking. Enjoy a stable and resilient bowl, designed to adapt to your pet's active lifestyle.
  • Bonus Water Bottle Feeder Included: As a special gift, we are including a convenient water bottle feeder for on-the-go hydration. Now you can easily keep your pet hydrated during walks, hikes, and travels. The perfect companion for outdoor adventures!


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