Scrub Free Lemon Oven Cleaner 9.7 oz

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  • Brand: Scrub Free is a brand known for cleaning products, and this particular product is an oven cleaner.

  • Product Type: Scrub Free Lemon Oven Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning ovens.

  • Lemon Scent: The "Lemon" in the product name suggests that this oven cleaner has a lemon scent, providing a fresh and pleasant aroma during and after cleaning.

  • Size: The product comes in a 12 oz size, providing a standard quantity for cleaning ovens.

  • Usage: Follow the instructions on the packaging for the recommended usage and application. Oven cleaners are typically sprayed or applied to the interior surfaces of the oven, left to sit for a specified time, and then wiped or rinsed off.

  • Cleaning Power: Oven cleaners are formulated to remove baked-on grease, food residue, and other tough stains from the interior surfaces of ovens.

  • Packaging: The product is likely packaged in a spray bottle or another type of dispenser for easy application.

  • Caution: Oven cleaners often contain strong chemicals, so it's important to use them in well-ventilated areas and follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Wear protective gloves and follow all safety instructions.

  • Lemon Fragrance Benefits: The lemon scent not only adds a pleasant fragrance but may also contribute to a feeling of freshness in the kitchen.

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