College Inn 100% all natural chicken broth, 32 oz.

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  • COLLEGE INN's 100% all-natural chicken broth is deliciously crafted to elevate everyday meals.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients, this delicious soup stock provides the perfect cooking base with a classic combination of tender chicken flavors, farm-grown vegetables and just the right herbs and spices.
  • COLLEGE INN chicken broth is non-GMO* and MSG-free** making it a healthy way to take your cooking to the next level.
  • Use this versatile COLLEGE INN broth to create a wide range of homemade meals like savory chicken noodle soup, hearty white chicken chili or comforting casseroles. Elevate the flavor of sauces, dips and side dishes with a touch of this chicken broth soup base.
  • The convenient resealable box opens easily and stores well, allowing you to use as much as you need and easily save the rest for later. Make every dish even more delicious with COLLEGE INN chicken broth. 

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