Brillo Basics Dish Detergent Packs 9 CT

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  • Brand: Brillo Basics is a brand known for various cleaning and household products.

  • Product Type: Brillo Basics Dish Detergent Packs are likely pre-measured detergent pods designed for use in dishwashers.

  • Pack Size: The "9 CT" indicates that the package contains 9 detergent packs. This count may vary depending on the specific product and packaging.

  • Dishwasher Use: These packs are intended for use in automatic dishwashers. They are convenient as they eliminate the need to measure out liquid or powder detergent for each load.

  • Pre-Measured: Each pack is pre-measured with the appropriate amount of detergent, ensuring proper cleaning without the risk of using too much or too little.

  • Cleaning Power: The detergent packs are formulated to effectively clean dishes, removing food residue, grease, and stains during the dishwasher cycle.

  • Convenience: Detergent packs are known for their convenience, as they are easy to use and eliminate the need for measuring or pouring detergent.

  • Fragrance: Depending on the specific product, these detergent packs may have a fresh and clean fragrance, leaving dishes smelling pleasant after washing.

  • Packaging: The packs are typically housed in a resealable bag or container to maintain freshness and prevent moisture from affecting the detergent.

  • Caution: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on usage, and keep the detergent packs out of reach of children. They are not meant for handwashing dishes.

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