Assorted Individually Wrapped Fruit Chews Candy Bulk Bag - 2.05 lbs + Catsa essentials BIODEGRADABLE RESEALABLE Bag!

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Premium Assortment: Enjoy a premium selection of individually wrapped fruit chews, carefully curated for a diverse and delightful flavor experience.

Generous 2.05 lbs Bulk Bag: This ample supply of assorted fruit chews ensures you have enough to share during gatherings or savor as a personal treat.

Individually Wrapped Freshness: Each candy is individually wrapped, preserving its freshness and allowing for convenient, on-the-go enjoyment.

Diverse Flavor Symphony: Immerse yourself in a symphony of taste with classic berry blends, tropical sensations, and zesty citrus kicks in every bite.

Biodegradable Resealable Bag: The Catsa Essentials bulk bag is not only convenient but also environmentally conscious with its biodegradable and resealable design.

Perfect for Sharing: Share the joy of these individually wrapped treats with friends and family, turning any moment into a flavorful celebration.

Sustainable Snacking: Contribute to sustainability with Catsa Essentials' commitment to environmentally responsible packaging, making it a mindful choice for your sweet indulgence.

Ideal for Various Occasions: Whether for family gatherings, events, or personal snacking, this assortment suits a variety of occasions with its versatile and delicious offerings.

Premium Quality: Catsa Essentials upholds the highest standards, ensuring that each fruit chew delivers a premium and consistently delightful taste.

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