Powerstick Coolblue Water 18oz

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  • Coolblue Water Scent: Experience the refreshing and invigorating fragrance of Coolblue Water, leaving you feeling energized and revitalized.

  • Long-Lasting Freshness: The Coolblue Water scent provides a long-lasting and pleasant aroma, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

  • 18oz Size: Generously-sized bottle ensures you have an ample supply of your favorite fragrance, making it convenient for everyday use.

  • Ideal for On-the-Go: The 18oz size is perfect for carrying with you wherever you go, ensuring you stay fresh and confident throughout your busy day.

  • Powerful Deodorizing: Powerstick is known for its effective deodorizing capabilities, helping you stay odor-free and confident in any situation.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for daily use, workouts, or any activity where you want to feel and smell your best.

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