Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee, 22.6 oz

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Count: Pack of 1
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  • Coffee Type: Breakfast Blend
  • Roast: Mild Roast
  • Size: 22.6 ounces (approximately 639 grams)
  • Flavor Profile: Smooth and mild taste, specially crafted for a delightful morning coffee experience
  • Aroma: Inviting aroma that helps kickstart your day
  • Versatile: Ground coffee suitable for use in various coffee makers (drip, French press, etc.)
  • Freshness: Sealed packaging to preserve the coffee's freshness and flavor
  • Caffeine: Contains caffeine for a gentle energy boost
  • Well-Balanced: A balanced blend of coffee beans for a satisfying taste
  • Ideal for Mornings: Perfect choice for your everyday morning cup of coffee
  • Value Pack: Large 22.6 oz size offers a generous amount of coffee for regular use
  • Packaging: Comes in a convenient resealable container
  • Preparation: Detailed brewing instructions may be included on the package

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