2 Orville Redenbacher's Original Popcorn Kernels, 30 Oz + Plastic bowl

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  • Contains 2 units of 30 oz. of Orville Redenbacher’s Original Yellow Gourmet Unpopped Popcorn Kernels
  • Includes a plastic bowl as a gift
  • Use these gourmet Orville Redenbacher’s popping kernels with butter-flavored popcorn oil to make popcorn with your hot air popper or stovetop popcorn popper
  • Made with 100% whole grain, these unpopped popcorn kernels pop up light and fluffy—and in a jiffy—for a gourmet popcorn snack
  • In 1952, Orville Redenbacher hand selected a small group of farmers to grow his exclusive kernel, and our family farmers still grow our special kernels today
  • These 100% natural, non-GMO popcorn kernels pop for a delicious treat or gluten-free snack after school

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