12 Cans Del Monte of Cut Green Beans Canned Vegetables, 14.5 oz Each + 12 Catsa Essentials Stirrers in Catsa Essentials Pack Box

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  • Cut Green Beans Bundle: Includes 12 cans of 14.5 oz Cut Green Beans, perfect for quick and easy meal preparation.
  • Tender and Flavorful: These canned green beans offer tender texture and delicious flavor, ideal for a variety of dishes.
  • Versatile Usage: Use Cut Green Beans as a side dish, in soups, casseroles, salads, and more for added nutrition and flavor.
  • Convenient Storage: The Catsa Essentials Pack Box keeps your stirrers neatly organized and accessible, providing convenience in your kitchen.
  • Catsa Essentials Stirrers: 12 stirrers included for easy serving and mixing of your meals, ensuring practicality in your cooking routine.
  • Quick and Easy Meals: Simplify meal preparation with canned Cut Green Beans, a versatile and time-saving ingredient for busy households.
  • Perfect for Batch Cooking: Incorporate Cut Green Beans into batch-cooked meals or meal preps for added convenience and nutrition throughout the week.
  • Ideal for Meal Planners: Whether you're planning weekly meals or need quick side dish options, this bundle provides both quality canned vegetables and essential kitchen tools for efficient cooking.

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